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Need a U.S Visa to travel to the United States of America? We assist with the entire  U.S Visa Application Form process, payments and Appointment schedule from start to finish.  Come in store and allow our friendly staff to quide you through the process and get your appointment date sooner than anyplace else.

  1. Is there a fee to sign up?Answer:  Signing up is absolutely free and allows you to receive a U.S address for shopping online.                                                  
  2. What is the fee for Visa Application?             Answer:  Visa Application assistance and scheduling is $215 and covers the entire process.                                   
  3. What is the advantage of having a U.S mailbox vs. General Sign Up?        Answer:  U.S Mailbox rental is for persons who shops often and offers the advantage of $1.50 per lbs with package consolidation. General membership is free and freight prices changes base on the weight.                 
  4. If I do not have a credit card can I use yours?  Answer:Yes, Ofcourse! No Credit Card... Pay Cash services available.        
  5. What are your rates?            Answer: Our rates for General Signup:                       0-5 lbs  =$8.50 (Flat Rate) 6-29lbs=$1.95 per lb.         30lbs & over = $0.95 per lbs + $25 doc fee          

No Dimensional Weight or Hidden Fees!

Fly By Night Imports  makes scanning, copying, and printing service available to all patrons. Computers are readily available with the latest software to get your work done. We scan, copy and print most documents at low prices. 

Simply purchase  what you want and have it shipped to our facility in the United States for export processing. When your package arrives to our Nassau location, you will be alerted by email with your complete package breakdown in pricing. No matter the size, we offer the best prices in town because we do not charge dimensional weight. We only charge you for the size of your package. 


Freight Forwarding

Visa Application

Renting a private mailbox is the most efficient way to receive your mail and packages. We provide you with a  U.S street address where you can have all your mail and packages sent. When a new piece of mail arrives, we will send you a 'you got mail' alert with a scan of the front of the envelope. Join the 21st Century and rent a private mailbox for only $6 per month.

No Credit Card? Pay Cash

Mailbox Rental 

We know that not everyone has a debit/ credit card. However, Online shopping is for everyone. No Credit Card... Pay cash over the counter and shop online for all the things that you need. Allow us to make the purchase for you.